Program: Diploma in Computer Science & Application (DCSA)

CODE: DCSA 1304 TITLE: Visual Programming
Unit No Unit Name Page No
Index - -
Unit-1 Getting started with visual studio 2008 6-41
Unit-2 Designing User Interface-1 42-61
Unit-3 Designing User Interface-2 62-87
Unit-4 Managing Data 88-99
Unit-5 Function 100-111
Unit-6 Control Statements 112-117
Unit-7 Loop 118-125
Unit-8 Report 126-177

Unit No Unit Name Page No
Index - -
Unit-1 Introduction to Operating System 1-26
Unit-2 Computer and Operating System Structure 27-44
Unit-3 Process Management 45-68
Unit-4 Deadlock 69-90
Unit-5 History and Architecture of Windows Operating System 91-106
Unit-6 Windows Networking 107-136
Unit-7 Sharing and Accessing Network Resources, Files and Folders in Windows 137-158
Unit-8 User Administration, Security System and Facilities 159-182
Unit-9 Mapped Drive and Data Recovery Management 183-198
Unit-10 An Introduction to Linux OS 199-206
Unit-11 Linux user and file management 207-220
Unit-12 Pipes and Filters 221-232
Unit-13 Editors, Shell and Shell Scripts 233-248
Unit-14 Useful Command in Linux 249-262
Answer -- 263

CODE: DCSA 2303 TITLE: Internet Technology and Web Designing
Unit No Unit Name Page No
Index - -
Unit-1 Computer Network and Internet 8-51
Unit-2 Introduction to HTML 52-64
Unit-3 HTML – Text Formatting 66-91
Unit-4 HTML – Image, Links 92-101
Unit-5 Advanced HTML 102-123
Unit-6 Cascading Style Sheets 124-169
Unit-7 Macromedia Dreamweaver 170-197
Unit-8 Microsoft FrontPage 198-205
Unit-9 Scripting 206-225